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Joy in the Midst of It All (TM)

Aminah Amarachi

Joy in the Midst (TM) of It All is a podcast show for family caregivers. Family caregivers dedicate their time, energy, and efforts, with love, to walk alongside, care for, and support their loved ones - babies, elders, beloveds, and friends, often at the expense of their own health and well-being. I created this show as an opportunity to reflect upon my own journey as a caregiver and to offer family caregivers, still on their journey, support via my own personal insights, encouragement, quick tips, helpful tools, and resources. I hope that along this journey, family caregivers find ways to navigate the junctures, with joy, while remembering that their first priority is always to take good care of themselves, so that they are better equipped to care for their loved ones.Join me, your host - Aminah - on this caregiver's journey.Be Blessed- Aminah
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