Joy in the Midst of It All (TM)

Get Your Ice Cold Lemon-Aide: RE-FRESH Yourself

May 27, 2022 Aminah Amarachi Season 1 Episode 15
Joy in the Midst of It All (TM)
Get Your Ice Cold Lemon-Aide: RE-FRESH Yourself
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Hey Family,

In today's episode we take a moment to remember and honor those ancestors who came before us, while we enjoy ourselves a great Decorations (Memorial) Day glass of ice cold lemonade (AIDE).

Enjoy the show.

Be blessed.  Not stressed.  Why?

Because yours and their lives depend on it.

Aminah  Amarachi- Your host

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S1E15 Get Your Ice Cold Lemon-Aide: RE-FRESH Yourself 

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Grand risings and runnings, family, and welcome back to our Joy in the Midst of It All podcast show. I am your host - Aminah Amarachi.

Before we begin our journey, I would like to take a moment as we move into this Decorations (AKA Memorial) Day weekend, to send out a prayer for all of those families whose loved ones have transitioned.  I pray that your hearts are filled with fond memories of your loved ones, and that it comforts and fills you with light filled peace, as you celebrate them during their homegoings.  My condolences for your losses.

Now, let’s continue our journey…

This weekend is considered the unofficial start of the summer season.  It is also the weekend that leads us into the holiday, which originated as Decorations Day, and is known by many as Memorial Day.

The first unofficial Decorations Day, which occurred in Charleston, SC, was led by a group of newly liberated Black-Americans, and members of the U.S. Colored Troops regiments, on May 1, 1865. It became official on May 30, 1868. In attendance were thousands of Black women and children who sang hymns, carried flowers, and wreaths and crosses, in order to honor the unnamed fallen Union soldiers who had fought for their freedom.  

Now these days, within many communities, it has become am annual day in which families came together to clean up cemeteries, and the church, where their loved ones were buried and remember those who came before them.   

It only became known as Memorial Day in 1971.  As I said in the last episode, spend some time with your elders to learn about your history and how it ties into the larger global history.  You might just be surprised by what you can learn from our living seasoned libraries – AKA our elders.

Regardless of how you choose to recognize day this day, consider it as a day that reminds us to decorate, celebrate, remember, pay homage and give reverence to those who served worthy causes, including those who took the time out to lay those to rest who have transitioned to rest properly.

Today’s Episode:  "Get Your Ice Cold Lemon-Aide: RE-FRESH Yourself”

The year:Back in the 1950s, 2010, and 2011 - Memorable Days InDeed

The dates:Whenever there are large family gathering – You know church homecomings, family reunions, cookouts, graduations, baby showers, weddings, holidays homegoings., and even just a block party or two.

The scene:  Our 2010 and 2011 Family Reunions, in our hometowns.

Stay tuned for more right after our first spotlight moment.

Now, for our first spotlight moment…

Spotlight Moment #1:

Our first spotlight moment is for our young family members who are both interested in learning about their family traditions - recipes, holidays, past-times, etc. Why? Because without their willingness to receive the torch being passed on to them, by your elders, much of our family history would be lost.  Continue to be about the bringing forth of the best aspects of our families for the betterment of our families and the world. Medase Pa

Now, back to our show…

Welcome Back Family

Now, you might be wondering what do lemonade, decorations, and memorials have to do with each other…Well..

It all began way back when, when our Dede told us how his great Uncle Will Goodman, our great-great Uncle, taught him how to make the homemade lemonade that was served annually on the second Sunday in August, for our church homegoing celebrations.  

Let’s just say that this recipe has way more sugar in that ten gallon tub than it does lemons or that block of ice that rests down in the middle of it.  Yet what I know for sure is that every year our Dede would wake up at 5:30am to roll out those lemons, get his ten gallon tub, block of ice, ice pick, dipper (AKA a ladle) and sugar all ready and loaded up into the back of our car.

Family members as far north as Ohio and Michigan would make that annual trek back home down south for family, fellowship, food, and fun…and of course fresh homemade lemonade.  

After the first service…AND, yes there were two on that Sunday, for which some folks could barely wait for the benediction to end and the doors of the church to swing open, before high-tailing it out the door to line up and get these great home cooked meals, which were served either out the back of folks trunks, where they had been covered with towels, or on the long tables in the old school house, that many of our ancestors were taught in, out near the church cemetery. Our own parents are laid to rest right behind that old school house, which is where our Dede used to park his brown bomber (inside family joke) and ladle out his Uncle Will’s lemonade with pride.  

There is not much that compares to a refreshing cool tall glass of homemade lemonade on a hot summer’s homecoming church gathering day. I have good memories and a photo of our Dede ladling up his homemade lemonade out the back of his trunk right by that old school house.

Now, fast forward to 2010, when our Dede had just begun his journey through Alzheimer’s, when lo and behold he was blessed with the opportunity to pull out his ten gallon tub, and all his lemonade making supplies, pass on the tradition by introducing lemonade making to the young folks at our Mama’s family reunion.  Can I just say that the swell in his chest and the pride basking across his smile, at being able to pass that homemade lemonade making torch down to the next two generations, just as great Uncle Will had passed it down to him, was priceless. 

He showed them exactly how to prepare the lemons. He explained why there was a block of ice in the bottom of the ten gallon tub and why he was using an ice pick to chip away at the block of ice, in order to put ice chips into folks cups of lemonade.  Can we say - Pure joy, in his heart and ours.  So refreshing, indeed, and in deed.  And, yep, I have photos of him teaching the young folks, not only at the 2010 reunion, but again at our 2011 reunion of his own family.

My Reflections:

In life, and not only while serving as caregivers, we experience times that feel as if we have been handed a a bag of lemons.  Its seems that no matter which way we turn, everything in that season seems to be soured or going sour, yet if we take just a few moments to pause and breath, then we could allow ourselves to surrender to the cooling waters of Spirit’s grace as our Divine situational sweetener, AND we would realize that Spirit is always at the ready to freshen our spirits, hearts, minds, and bodies, just like enjoying a tall cool glass of lemonade.

My Insight:

Sometimes you must decorate, honor, and celebrate yourself, and your loved ones, while you are living.  Sometimes you must become your own refreshing glass of lemonade.  Sometimes you may need to seek the aide of others who are able to support you in turning your lemons into lemonade.

Now, it’s time for our next Spotlight moment…

Spotlight Moment #2:

Is for every elder and ancestor who took the time to pass the torch – You know...a nugget of wisdom, a great family story, recipe, tradition, or just letting the young folks hang out with them to build a bridge between our bookends, that would serve our future families for the better long after they have gone on to glory. We honor, give thanks, and salute you. May we pass the torch as you have passed it on to us. With gratitude and grace. Medase Pa.

Now, back to our show…

Here are my take-away, tip, tool, and toss.


Take a few moments to reframe how you view each situation that makes an appearance in your life. Then make a choice as to whether you will continue to suck the life out of yourself, and those around you, until you have soured everything in your sphere or will you make the choice to refresh yourself, so you can refresh the situation and make a wonderful pitcher of lemonade out of it. Either way - It’s your choice and your outcome, so choose lightly and wisely.


Pass along a family recipe, tradition, or pass-time to a young folk, you know those folks who are less seasoned than you in your family.  Share with them the stories about who passed the torch to you and the importance of them keeping that the torch lit for generations to come, which includes passing on down the road.


Have a sit down, on two old cane backed chairs, like our grandpa used to make, with some fans, and some ice cold lemonade.  Sit together in silence or in conversation. Both are moments of communion...CO-MUNNION...CO-UNION...with each other and the Divine, that will leave you both refreshed.


Don’t wait to be told, or begged to go down and clean off your loved ones headstone or gravestone markers.  And, if you know that an extended family member no longer has any living descendants, clean their markers off, too.  

And, remember, just as those newly liberated Black Americans in Charleston, SC taught us: “The dead did not bury the dead. Those who were still alive did, with reverence and honor for their dignity that is Divinity of those they laid to rest properly, and in recognition that as you do unto others so you are agreeing to have it be done unto you. It's a boomerang thing. Consider that.


In closing, I’d like to take this time to thank you all, both my seasoned and new followers, for spending your time with me on today’s Joy in the Midst of It All journey. Now, take a moment to tap the button on your favorite podcast streaming platform to tune in, follow, subscribe and rate the show. You may have to log into some of the platform, depending on the service you use in order to rate the show.

 You will also receive updates when a new episode is released.  We release an episode every second and fourth Thursday of the month. OK. And, yes, it is 3:00am on Friday, because it's been that kind of week. Spiritual Spa Practice. [Cleared my throat, excuse me] So, go ahead and tag a family caregiver, or a few, if you know them, and tell them one thing you have learned today, or from any previous episode, that will support you, and maybe them, in moving through the caregiving journey with more ease, no matter who or how God has chosen for you or them to offer your gift of caregiving to your loved ones.

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I am your host Aminah, and I want you to be blessed and less stressed...Why?, because yours and their lives depend on it. Have a great day.

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