Joy in the Midst of It All (TM)

His ‘CALL’ to the Universe: I Hope I Get Well, IF Something’s Wrong

January 27, 2022 Aminah Amarachi Season 1 Episode 7
Joy in the Midst of It All (TM)
His ‘CALL’ to the Universe: I Hope I Get Well, IF Something’s Wrong
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In today's episode, we consider the "CALL" of the one we are caring for.  No matter their age or stage in their journey, or yours, every word is a prayer...a Call to the Universe...laced with Hope.
Be blessed.  Not stressed.  Why?

Because yours and their lives depend on it.

Aminah - Your host
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Season: 1 Episode: 7 - “His ‘CALL’  to the Universe: I Hope I Get Well, IF Something’s Wrong”

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Welcome back family to our Joy in the Midst of It All podcast show. I am your host - Aminah Amarachi.

Before we begin, allow me to clarify my reference, in the previous episode, regarding it being two years that I was blessed to have to process the loss of our Mama, before having to deal with losing our Dede. It was two years from the year that I began to process the loss of our Mama, which was in 2014, until the time when we lost our Dede, in 2016.  So, in less than a seven year span, we lost both of our parents. Rest in peace, Mama & Dede.

Now, let’s continue our journey…

 In life, as we travel along our winding individual and collective journeys, there come those moments of stark clarity, in the midst of it all.  You know, moving to a new city, starting a new career, or family, losing a loved one, or realizing your Divine purpose.  Well, for our Dede, one such moment of clarity came after we took him to his family doctor, and a specialist. And, if you recall in an earlier episode, our Dede had turned to me and said, “Your Mama thinks something is wrong with me. Ain’t nothing wrong with me. I’m a military man.” “Ain’t nothing wrong with me.”  Well…On with today’s episode. 

Today’s Episode:  “His ‘CALL’ to the Universe: I Hope I Get Well, If Something’s Wrong.” (Sequel to THE CALL)

The year: 2009

The date: Sometime during that Spring.

The scene:  

In the car, just after visiting the specialist that had been recommended by Dede’s doctor, who had just ran additional diagnostic tests to determine whether or not he was in fact already journeying through Alzheimer’s. 

The Story:

After Mama’s initial call, yes, that call, we went back down home to have some assessments done by Dede’s family doctor. At his primary doctor’s office, he was asked to remember things related to time - what is today’s date, what year is it, etc.  He was then asked to recall three items that the doctor called out, in sequence, after about five to ten minutes had passed. Next he was asked questions regarding current events…like - who is the president.  Finally he was asked to draw a clock, on a sheet of paper, and place the numbers and hands of time in the right position. Well, let’s just say that there were no flying colors passed that day.  So, on to scheduling an appointment, for a more detailed assessment with the specialist to determine at which point along the Alzheimer’s journey our Dede was traveling.  

Stay tuned for more right after our FIRST spotlight moment…

Spotlight Moment #1: 

 Your loved ones that you are caring for - your friend, child, parent, beloved, grandparent, sibling…the one who is on their unique journey.  Remember, that no matter what outer appearances or commentaries are presented to you, know that deep within, your loved one, and you are one in the same.  We are all spiritual beings, having a human experience, both individually, and collectively. So, hold them with the same level of high regard as you would desire someone to hold you, regardless of the unique journey that they are on.  They, too, are your angels in disguise, here to bless you just as much as you are blessing them.  So, go ahead and thank them for blessing you.

Now, back to our show…

Welcome Back

 The specialist said, “Yes, your Dad is journeying through the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Well, at that moment, I could sense Dede’s wheels-a-turnin.  You know that moment when one is with their quiet thoughts, taking full stock of not one, not two, not three, yet a plethora of “Signs as Wanders,” (More on that in a future episode), that all point to the same conclusion, which becomes more and more difficult to deny, even to themselves.

After thanking the specialist, we headed to our car.  As we started to pull out of the parking lot, our Dede sent out his own CALL -  Yes, ANOTHER call…To the Universe.  Dede’s call to the universe was, “I hope I get well, IF something is wrong.”  In that moment we knew that he knew that he had arrived at a new juncture in his life’s journey. One that he was all too familiar with having been there to support his own grandma as she navigated the same journey.  Back then they used to call it Senility.  The next Call to the Universe, and to his daughters, that our Dede made was, “Keep me as healthy as you can, for as long as you can.”  

 So, on that day, after getting something to eat, and arriving back at home, we set out to do just that for him.  We began by typing up a prayer for him to read, or we read to him, each day.  It was a prayer that spoke that which he desired, and reminded everyone that only he and God got to decide how they wanted this juncture in his journey to play out.  We were here to love on him, look out for his best interest, and as he had requested…to keep him as healthy as we could for as long as we could, so that he could hold on to the hope of getting well, IF something was wrong. We gotcha Dede.

Dede’s Prayer:

 Dear God, My name is_________________.  Today is a good day.  Thank You, God, for letting me see another day.  I have been blessed with the love of my life, my wife, and my daughters.  I am a military man.  I am here to get stronger.  I am here to get my balance back.  I am here to get healthier.  I am focused on getting better so I can go see my friends, and the pretty ladies again, at Aijalon.  Thank You, God, for blessing me all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

My Reflections:

 I can only speak for myself with regards to my knowing that our Dede journey could have been way more challenging than it was.  God’s grace has been more than sufficient.  Because of our Dede’s call to God, and his daughters, we were able to offer him the support that he desired, while still leaving room for him to just enjoy whatever stage of the journey he was traversing.  And, for that, I am most grateful to God, and our Dede.

My Insight:  

It ain't over until God, and the God in You, says it’s over.  So, never count them out - your beloved, your elder, your child - the one you are caring for no matter what unique journey God has chosen for them to travel, and chosen you to be their with and for them, as the light, love, and advocate in their lives  Always aim for offering them the best of yourself, that you can, at any given moment, along your shared journey, knowing that they appreciate you for it.  So, also cut yourself some slack.

Now, it’s time for our next Spotlight moment…

Spotlight Moment #2: 

 The caregiver that is giving their all to and for their children, beloved, elder, and purpose.  At moments, it may seem overwhelming.  At other times, it’s filled with pure laughter and joy.  Know that you were built for this.  Know that you don’t have to do it all alone.  Know that support is just a call away.  Take a moment to just be, breathe, and believe that all you do is greatly appreciated. 

Now, back to our show…

Here are my take-away, tip, tool, and toss.


Pray changes things.  More specifically, prayer changes your perspective of things.  You know…those situations, circumstances, people, and outcomes.  Prayer is when you are talking to God i.e. you may have a question, a request, need to gain clarity, shore up your courage, surrender fear, rejuvenate your spirit, or take a leap of faith, etc. 

Prayer offers God the opportunity to help you see that what you see may not be what God sees nor has in store for you or your loved one.  Prayer offers you an opportunity to see those challenges, i.e. junctures with fresh eyes, renewed minds, and a calmer spirit, so that you may rise another day, in support of yourself and the ones you love and care for.  

Tip: Be content knowing that when you lay down to rest each evening you have done the best you can, let go, and turn the rest over to God.  It makes for a better night’s sleep and a clean stress free slate for the new day.

Tool: Write an affirmative prayer, one for you and for your loved one.

Toss:  Go ahead and cast your prayers out into the Universe, then remain open to ways being made out of seeming no ways, that neither eyes have seen nor ears have heard. It would make for a very wonderful intimate and loving moment for you both of you to share together.


In closing, I’d like to take this time to thank you all, both my seasoned and new followers, for spending your time with me on today’s Joy in the Midst of It All journey.

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I am your host Aminah, and I want you to be blessed and less stressed...Why?, because yours and their lives depend on it. Have a great day.

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